Wayne's Coffee Is Starbucks Retarded Cousin

-It`s a good place to take my client for informal talks, says
anonymous Supervisor.  
Original copy. -Wayne`s is where I go when I want to go to Starbucks, but I don`t want to go to Starbucks cause I`ve already gone to Starbucks. It`s where I go when it gets humiliating turning up at Starbucks again says Urban Joe.

-The name is so original. Who in their mid 30 would think of the resemblance to Wayne`s World. The basement talkshow from SNL with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey who spinned off two motion pictures? Nobody. It`s brilliant. It`s like they came up with their own idea completely on their own.

-That home feeling in the basement where guys hang out is completely coincidental. It`s like the makers of Wayne`s Coffee grew up in a completely different world than Wayne`s World. A world without access to popular tv shows, movies or pop culture in general. It`s amazing. It`s one of those things who makes Wayne`s Coffee so original only Wayne could come up with it.

-Those kind of things could never happen to Garth cause Garth doesn`t have the intelectual capacity that Wayne has. It will never be a Garth`s World or a Garth`s Coffee. He`s a designated customer. He follows Wayne`s lead and leave`s his ambitions at that.
Any resemblance to Starbucks is completely random.

Photo  janfredrikf / Ollie Crafoord

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