Scientist Spent $50 Million To Find Out What It`s Like To Spend $50 Million

-I tell everybody it`s fucking awesome. 
Simon says. -I asked to board of Friendly Science for a grant to find it out and they gave it to me. No questions asked. As long as it didn`t challenge economic que I could asked for anything, says the highly paid and acclaimed scientist Albert Hope.

-Next time I will try to find out what it takes to spend 100 million $. I think it takes 200 million $ so I will ask for 300 in case I need 400. Then I only need to ask for another 100. And after that I will research what it`s like to do whatever.

-I could go for "at all cost". But figuring out that might even exceed my limitations. We all have a price, atleast I do. Anything above that is too much for me. Which means I will get problems above my pay grade. Unless I did it for free, but that wouldn`t solve any problem would it.

 Photo Idaho National Laboratory