Stoner Confused When Pig In A Poke Turned Out To Be His Best Friend

-I`m going to take this back to the store before he
understand that I understand what`s going on, dude.
Judgement day. -I went out to buy a pig in a poke! I know my friend is a pig, but in a poke? I had no idea it was him everyone talked about. I thought I would know about it if he was famous. Why did he hide his celebrity asks P.

-It still baffles me. There where nothing with him who indicated stardom. As far as I know, he had no skills, thats was what we had in common. It was what brought us together. It was the glue to our relationship. And he turns out to be the fucking pigmaster.

-They say friends come and go, but pigs fucks you in the ass. I guess they where right.

-I always looked at him as a monkey, not a pig. How could I know he was a monkeypig. I should have never judged him by his looks, smell, or any other fluids coming out of his body while he farted.

 Photo âœâ˜„ KAIRUUINZURO ✁☄