Queen Elizabeth II Writes Her Biography Tittled To Hell Wth It

-This book should get us back on top for eternity.
Royale with Cheese. -I read Rod Stewart`s memoars, I guy I did many a times, and said to myself, I can top this. We royals need a bit of rock`n roll to keep the publics interest. Without them we`re doomed. Like it or not, scandals is our reasons of existence. What would Downton Abbey be without drama. It`s called drama for a reason.

-Prince Harry is a gift from God, although I can never admit it, he really is. God I loved that nazi uniform he wore. That made me laugh, blimy.

-Prince William behaves too well, just like his mum, but Kate shows potential. She grown on me. That titt stunt was breasttaking. Do it while your young Kate, thats my advice. Diana never listened to that. She was to caught up in goodwill.

-Charles have been good. One massive divorce. A sting of oneliners, headliners and rumours of all kind. The guy basically saved us for decades after my shiny body got old. I was hot in my days... those where the days... If I only could turn back time.

-Costumes and castles aren`t enough to bliss the people these days. Their used to rock stars, pop stars and porn stars. We where the original pop stars. It`s time to reclame the throne. If it`s gossip they want. Then be it. I slept with Tony Blair. That was my condition to show public grief after the death of Diana.

 Photo Michael Gwyther-Jones