-It`s Hard To Find A Worthy Oscar Winner Cause Their All Fake

Fun control. -It`s not like the presidential election where it wears off after a while, it`s right in your face, says an Academy member.

-This is fake, but we want you to believe it like it was happening right infront of you.

-And they pull it of every year.

-Republicans has a lot to learn from these people. Judging from the results any random movie would perform better than the previous candidate.

-Like Italy, it`s an election every year and as Daniel Day-Lewis showed us, if your really good at faking it, you can get elected again and again and again just like Berlusconi.

-Bush would have never made it at the Oscars. He wasn`t convincing enough cause he was for real. He meant those things. Thats probably why he choose politics, cause he knew he wouldn`t get anywhere in Hollywood.

-The thought of having others put words in his mouth must have freaked him out... When you think of it. The Oscars is worse than Paralympics, their not even trying.

Photo ebbandflowphotography