Shale Gas Survivor Talks About Going Against Big Corporations

Natural farts. -A lot of people acuse me of using my age against them saying stuff like "...but they would never hit an old man. Why don`t you do something daring to impress me, like bungee jumping?".

-As a matter of fact, they will hit me and they have, but I hit back. Getting kicked by an old timer shuts up the badest of crocks. Thats why they let me rally against them. They know whats waiting if they don`t.

-I know Karate, Ju Jitsu, boxing and I`m a gunsmith by trade and I do drugs. I`m not your average Hombre. I`ve sniffed it ever since I saw Apocalypse Now. -I love the smell of shale gas in the morning... I kick ass for a living.

Photo Visual Artist Frank Bonilla