Christopher Walken Impersonator Caught Stealing His Act

Art limitate life. The young mormon had remade every Christopher Walken movie ever made back to back in his basement.  Even the onces where he didn`t get the part.

He was caught during dress rehearsal at Saturday Night Live when Walken was hosting the show. He charged 2 dollar a movie. 3 with a cow bell. The staff picked up on it when the mormon asked the prop manager for some more cow bell.

NBC is amused by the story and have a sense mormonism might have something to do with it. -It doesn`t seem like the right fit for the young man. Only a trapped soul would do something like that... This could be a great Christopher Walken movie. What an idea! Trapped in Religion, says CEO of NBC Stephen B. Burke.

-But the kid would never sell the rights... Press charges!

Photo ikrichter