NBA Player Repealed Gravity

Oh my God! -The bastard can fly. It`s unbelievable! Jesus Christ. Did you see that? yells coach Harrison as his new player fly up in the air. -We have to move to an outdoor facility or he`ll crash in the roof.

The until now unknown NBA player studied Astronautics at Stanford University and agrees with his coach that space exploration have helped him become a better basketball player.

-Cause he can`t play. He has no ball control whatsoever. He`s terrible at passing the ball and has no understanding of the game.

Jerky, as his team mates call him, disagree. -I suck cause I`m a selfish bastard. I don`t care about the game. All I want to do is go to the moon and thats what I try to do when I get the ball. I try to relive that Apollo moment. For me the game is like a space shuttle launch reenactment. I only dunk to get the audience with me.

-I didn`t make it at NASA. You know, I was too impatient. Always asking: when am I going to the moon? Hey! I said when am I, I! going to the moon? I don`t have all day. I lasted two hours there. So I played the race card to get back in.

-It didn`t work, but it got me a place in NBA to shut me up. "We figured you like that game, huh". I do, but I never played it. As long as I view it as space exploration. How far can I push my team players? What is at the other side of the basket? Is there life on the basket? Things like that. Then it works.

-And thats what I tell my kids. Aim lower.

Photo Erik Charlton's photostream