Daniel Craig Voted Russia`s Sexiest Man

To Russia with love. -It`s the first time I`ve actually felt the sky fall down on me. Cause I didn`t feel it during the shoot. I have to be on top of my game to pull off this act. James Bond is not a sissy. But when I got the call from Kremlin I felt like Obama getting the call from the Nobel Committee: What? says Daniel Craig.

-At first I thought it was a joke. Off course. But when they told me Putin insists I come to Moscow on Wednesday I felt itchy. What do you mean by insists? -If you choose not to he will send a real agent after you Mr... -Bond, the name is Bond, James Bond.

-Well, Mr Bond, we have seen all your movies and there is nothing British about you. Your background is constantly referred to as orphan, but we know better than that don`t we... Mr. Bond?

Photo Liam Mendes