Passenger Plane Nearly Hit The New Twin Towers In Dubai

Fog of war. -It`s built with a safety distance so commercial planes can fly through them.  says the Air manager at the newly opened JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai.

-We aslo look out for astroids. We might aswel while we`re up there.

-Our competitors think the though of being hit by a plane will keep guests from coming. We think it make them come. So many want to kill themselves, but nobody has dared to tap into that market. We think it`s huge.

-It`s often the reason why people travel in the first place. Things aren`t so great at home. You want to leave it all and when discovering beautiful Marriott Hotel, you want to kill yourself instead of going back to the hellhole you came from.

-We charge another $2000 for one more deadly night. And if your out of money... what do you care? Like you`ll have to worry about that.

-It`s the beauty of traveling. You can let things go.

Photo gddxb