Single Minded Man Really Good At Multi Damaging

Money minded. With the overal goal of making money there is no limits to the damage he can cause.

-I`d say for every dollar he make, he creates negative 6 dollars in damage control. The problem, or the solution as he see it, is that he does not have to deal with that, says friend and long time buddy Izard Harrison.

-He was the major contributor to the financial crisis, several national emergencies and countless other disasters. Word has it he even cause an earthquake.

-I think he`s been in 200 car accidents and indirectly caused 1400. How he survived is a mystery to the insurance company. Not me. Thats $75 million, right there.

-Then there was... how do I put it without getting into trouble... I can`t.

-Normal is not enough for M. I call him M. M for money. Being an average multi billionaire does not satisfy him. In fact nothing satisfies him. Not even the hunger for more. It makes him more hungry, like XXXL hungry. Like "would you like more hungry with that?"

-His face is a black hole who sucks you inn. It`s like he can eat with his eyes.  When he sees something he want, the look on his face change, like he`s eating it with his brain. While his ears are drooling. Ugh!

-He ate a table once. He didn`t notice he`d finished and kept on eating the plate, fork, table, chair, eventually a fire truck came to save the restaurant. He spent 2 weeks in a mental hospital and got away with it. Bastard. Yada... some people are more themselves than others.

Photo George M. Groutas