MMA Fighter Amazed By The Joy He Feels From Beating People

Mixed feelings. -One day I looked in the mirror and said to myself "I`m a fighter, not a student". Then I cracked up. An before I knew it I put on an angry face to hide my emotions. I would not risk to be seen this happy. Not even in my own bathroom, says Victory.

-The doctor gave me testosterone to calm down. I had to do something about the situation. I could not continue getting into trouble at Uni. Blod appeared everywhere I went. On the floor. On people. Especially in the mouth section. Sometimes the roof. Always the clothes.

-The answer was fighting.

-I took up MMA and beat my way up the ladder. Taking down one after another. Cause they only let me fight one at a time... If I could do 15, that would be more me. Like a gang beating.

-It`s really hard to keep my motivation up when I don`t get to use my multi beating skills. I mean, it is mixed not multi fighting, so it`s okay, but if it hadn`t been for the joy of damaging people to the limit of their existence I could not keep up.

-That`s what I tell myself everyday. Hey, remember the joy of violence.

Photo Leonardo Camacho