EuroLotto Winner Buys Michigan

With her husband who is really happy
they married before she won and didn`t
sign a prenup.
Shop Leck Monster. The woman who won €195 millions at the EuroLotto says she was surprised to find out there was few items on sale in that price range. And the few who was where difficult to buy as an individual.

-First I though they didn`t take me serious cause I was a woman, but then I realised this had nothing to do with the battle of the sexes. Nobody had ever asked for the price on New York before. Which I find ridiculous cause the tourist info seemed to know everything else about the city.

-Apparently it `s not for sale... it´s stupid. Everything has it`s price. If I`d won more I`d buy earth, but some tings are off limits even to us with €195 millions to spend. But for that kind a money, I should at least be able to get a peace of the apple.

 Photo Montage Communications