It's Only 7.000 Film Critics In The World And They Got Too Much Power

Fight against critical terror. The G8 leaders has had enough of the indulging self importance of movie critics world wide. -They slaughter down innocent movies like drones, says Obama.

-Too many films doesn`t get a chance to meet their audience. They are executed too early. Critics doesn`t understand how harmful a bad review can be. Or how devastating it is to the film industry.

-People die. Innocent people die, of hunger, from salaries that never come. Film critics have killed more people than any other terrorist organisation since WW2. It`s crazy. It`s been happening right under our nose and we didn`t recognise it.

-Maybe cause the movies where shit, well... most of them. Maybe..., but thats not the point. The issue at stake here is that we got a new enemy who is easy to crush and we should go after them.


-Hell yeah!

-Hail Mary! Call the troops.

Photo The White House