After Firing 18 Million Movie Bullets, Schwarzenegger Thinks It`s A Bit Late To Promote Gun Control

The last cause. -I really wanted to join the celebrity against guns, but I wasn`t asked. Neither did they return my calls. I kept putting messages on their machine saying I can give you a lot of attention, then I got an email reading "We got all the attention we need". Those bastards! It made me feel like some useless old shit.

-I told myself. I`ll show those punks! I got my gun and went over to their office and for one second there, I seriously thought about going for it. Then I thought about something else. Next thing you know I was in my car heading for the gas station.

-Thats when I had the epiphany. I should be talking about the environment. What a silly day.

Photo Gage Skidmore