-We Often Removed The Top Hoping Somebody Would Shoot Him

For the love of God. -Not even when we turned our blind eye to entire operations did anybody kill him. We literary had to ask him to step down, says the Pope`s personal bodyguard.

-Everywhere we went he had this creepy look who turned people of religion. We looked like a gang of dressed up bank robbers. People weren't buying it. We need a sweet potato who can make children laugh. They all cried!

-We always had to cover up for mommies "He`s not going to hurt your baby. Don`t run away on camera. If you hit him we kill you".

-People who spoke to him where like "He looks so angry". Yeas, he is. Try deal with him 24/7 knowing there is no re-election in 4 years. Where is your Kennedy killer when you need him?

-In selecting the next Pope we want to have a say. No more practical jokes. No nazis or old men. We need fresh blood. Preferably a young woman who could excite the crowds for a change.

Photo Padmanaba01