DJ Jesus Turned 5 Loaves Of Bread & 2 Fish Into One Giant Turd

Personal best. -Jesus Christ, he blocked the toilet. Bastard! How dare he in my house, says the mother of DJ J`s best friend.

-It was a spiritual awakening for me. I understand now why Jesus choose to share with his friends and feed the poor. If he had eaten it himself it could have killed him. What better way of getting rid of rotten fish than serving it to the poor.

-I get religion now. I understand what it`s all about. It`s about sharing the good and the bad. I always thought I had to give away the best stuff. So it never appealed to me. I wanted that for myself. But this diarrhea opened my eyes. I can see now. I can see iJesus. Halleluja.

Photo messycupcakes