Taj Mahal Forbids Gang Rape

Love boat. -It is not the kind of love we promote here, says the guide at Taj Mahal. -After hearing about the gang rapes in New Delhi we pay more attention to the busloads of tourists now.

-Everybody has to take of their headset and change mindset before entering the cradle of love. As a safety precaution we allow only pairs of two to enter simultaneously.

-We know that the old mogul rulers probably where in favor of gang rapes. At least when it was in their favor. It has to come from somewhere. This is not a phenomenon that spreads from the bottom up.

-My major challenge as a guide is to defend the Kama Sutra positions engraved in the walls. People are having sex all over the place. I always lose those debates. It is so humiliating and I beg every time, please, wait to prove me wrong till you get back to New Delhi.

Photo Asitjain

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