The iCloud Smoke Alarm Goes Off All The Time

Peace pipe. -It can`t see the difference between fog and smoke. We`ve had 800 fake alarms since we build it, we don`t know what to do other than keep coming says firefighter Ted.

-I must admit its really boring here. I haven`t had a real fire in 4 years and it`s getting on my nerves. These fake call outs doesn`t satisfy me at all.

-A real disaster with explosions and everything, you know, Hollywood style, then it would be worth the wait, but I`m getting my doubts it will ever happen.

-I`m seriously questioning myself, is it worth the wait? I could transfer to a bad neighbourhood and get my daily dose of action anytime, but it never gets big. Those poor f*#@s never have anything big to burn. Something that needs a real hero and makes headlines worldwide.

-I spend most of my days watching fires on youtube. I can`t go on like this.

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