Tire Company Behind The World Known Michelin Guide

Roll Over Bethoveen. Every year a bunch of car mechanics drive around the world and hand out stars to who they think is the biggest baffons in the restaurant business. -Our point system is diametrical. The more stars you get the worse you are at making burgers, says the anonymous driver.

-We figured out the worst slobs at fast food is easier to single out than the high art odours. Chances are their good at the fancy stuff. They got to do something if people eat there. If it`s not for the burgers, then that weird stuff if probably good.

-We also take a look at the menu. Not to see what they got on offer, but to get an idea of the prices. If customers are willing to pay that much for that s*#t, it`s a star in our book. We could never pull that off.  Not in our shop.

-We look at this guide as a way to get away from work. Nothing else. Changing tires all day can get on your nerves. The readers of the guide thinks it`s for the food. No no no. It`s for the ride.

Photo Doug Beckers