Argentina Look Into Drone Bombing The Falklands

From the referendum election in Buenos Aries. "Everyone who hate the
Falklands raise their blue paper".
Hand of God. -We have to figure out a way to put the blame on someone else. A mad suicide bomber maybe. It will be hard to come up with something believable. We are the first people will look at, says Get Rid Off Falkland Island minister Sofia Bombzales.

-We could send out a terrorist, let him kill enough people and send in the army to rescue the few left. Then we have a trial and execute the terrorist - case solved.

-We could also fake a natural disaster. Create an earthquake with some underwater bombning. Thats probably the best solution. Wipe out those bastards, send in our rescue team despite the fact that we are not welcome. Save the day and get world sympathy - case closed.

-Afterwords everybody must agree the Falklands needs big mother Argentina to take care of it when the absent father went off to live in England.

Photo Anti gravedad