Rich People Shit Too

-We could build it without toilets, but then at one point they would have
come back to us and said "Wait a minute, we didn`t think about guests".
Fine poo. Dissapointed? Never though of it like that? They do. A lot of people think they are full of shit, but research show that they don`t produce anymore shit than middle income people.

-They leave a bigger turd in the toilet than poor people, but thats more because the poor haven`t eaten that much and sometimes they shit outside. So the load they leave here doesn`t reflect the amount of crap they produce, says the butler at Smash Mansion.

Common knowledge predict that people living under the poverty line would shit as much as the rich if they had money to fill up their stomachs. Doctors confirm this belief. -A poor mans belly can be much more efficient if it is filled up regularly.

-It`s like a car. If you run out of gas you crash. But the human smash looks different. In addition to stop go stop go at the end, they try desperate things that are fun to watch and quite profitable to diagnose.

Photo Jim Linwood