SXSW Turn Hitchcocks`s North By Northwest Into A Musical

Gone South. -We cut the story and focus on the music. We figured those who care about the plot have seen it before or can rent it. Honestly, who cares about storylines these days?

-If the video didn`t kill the radio star, then reality definitely killed everything else. We want people to care about the movie when we screen it. Thats why we have to cut away most off it. Different times, baby.

-You seriously don`t expect young people to watch the screen in a cinema? They pay as much attention to it as the teachers blackboard. To them the seat in just another chair where they do their thing.

-People growing up now have a hard time realising the box was once a great medium, the greatest of all, the king of the hill, right there in your living room. Now, it`s just there.

-Thats why we focus on the soundtrack. It`s how we get bums in seats; the sound is still kickin.

Photo Public domain