Doctor Bond

Who? Doctor Who returns to the streets of London to capture the imagination of tv viewers acros the British Islands and overseas since they Bond it up.

-It`s getting crowded with detectives and superagents in London. Sherlock Holmes, Bond, Lewis... we need more cases to solve, we need more criminals, preferably high tech, says the immigration office.

-Bond alone made a billion at the box office world wide. These characters are our most valuable assets. They must be believable to a certain point. Bond could never come from Nicaragua.

-We have to put up with a certain level of real crime to sell these movies. It`s not historical like Downton Abbey or Jane Austin, that`s a cash cow from one end to another.

-The UK is one of the tiniest countries in the world, but we take an enormous chunk of the global mentality. To keep that up we need to host the Olympics, we need the world richest to come here and play. And we need some bad asses to try f*#k it all up. It`s how we float.

Photo Wikimedia Commons