Terrorist Boyfriend Sends Hate Video To Ex Girlfriend

Arrrgh! Still hurting from the breakup some 5 years ago and unable to move on Jack invested 500 Pounds in a video camera to make hurtful video clips. -I realised after I got the camera that I could as well bought an iPhone. To live with that I`ve changed opinion, now I see it more as an expression of how wrong that breakup was.

-I know we live in a free world, but I don`t. I look at freedom this way: my girlfriend can do whatever she wants as long as she chooses the right thing. It was when I started expressing this she broke up.

-I also got expelled from school and MI6 came to the house talking to my parents about my "views" and how important it was that a guy with my background calmed down. You would think people at that level understood, but their all brainwashed. I had to get out of there.

-I stole a car and drove towards the desert. I wanted to live among my people. After 4 hours I got bored and drove back hoping nobody would remember the last couple of weeks. They did.


Photo Daniel Morris