Mentally Unstable Patient Promise To Settle The Score With Kim Jong Un

-Abrakadabra, Sim Sala bim. Ich bin Harry Potter.
Deathmatch. Jealous for attention Insane Jack issued a statement promising to top whatever came out of the North Korean Leaders mouth and unlike him "keep his word".

-I`ve come to the conclusion mad people like Kim can`t continue taking the attention away from me and my fellow mad men. We are the crazy ones. We know how to take care of business and we are tired of that fat man eating at our table.

-He`s not for real. I know a crazy dude when I see one and he isn`t. He`s a poser. A fake. A retarded image gigolo. He never walk the talk.

-To stop this focus puller I`ve decided to challenge Fat Kim Dong to a stand off in the North Korean jungle. Mado a mado. Come fight like a crazy or shut up for eternity.

Photo Jo Jakeman