Kim Jong Un Got Asian Downs Syndrome

Here he is drawing teddy bears.
Mongoland. The leader of the North Korean puppet regime is believed to suffer from a rare version of Downs syndrome.

-What might look like adult child disease, Tourettes or mouth diarea is a spoiled rich kid version of downs that is exclusive to dictator kids, says specialist is abnormal leadership disease Dr Monroe.

-They grow up disillusioned about their abilities. Kim still wants lego for his birthdays. He doesn`t know what book are - still! His speeches are drawings of elephants and giraffs so he can remember what to say. Ice bear means "be angry", tiger is "hate America" and ice cream is "smile".

-You can`t reach these people. Except a very few. Dennis Rodman can, but he is from the same oak so it doesn`t get you anywhere. Therefor the best way to deal with these people is to keep taking them to the candy store.

Photo @giovanni