International Leaders Are Wary About Being Photographed With Kim

Lonely days at the red carpet for Kim. -It`s good that he`s
fat so he can fill the frame alone, says photographers.
No Instagram for you my friend. Prime ministers, presidents and even dictators are worried about the damage Kim will do to their reputation if their seen together in public.

It`s like going to visit the guy you know raped your girlfriend. Inevitable some of them has to do it.

-In times like this I`m glad I`m the leader of a poor country in Africa, says Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe.

-Not even a psychopath like me wants to deal with a crazy f@#k like Kim. The guy got nukes for Christ's sake. No, leave it to the Chimericans... Let them handle it. I got enough satisfying my own ego.

Photo KCNA