Insurance Company Don`t Buy Hit By Bus Claim

Lol. Not even with the photo proof that Singapore Times refused to publish cause of the lack of believability.

-The insurance company requested a huge add campaign the same day so we though about it really hard for about 1 second, says Jaden.

-Then we discussed pro and cons over a nice dinner at the Ritz and continued the conversation at a strip club.

-After we all woke up the next day in hotel rooms with everything paid for we decided to screw that Insurance company and order an arrest for extortion.

-Then we hired thugs to beat up the guy who claimed to be hit by a bus. It turned out he was pretty beaten already so we finished him and the company with negative attack journalism. The guy "killed himself" the company went bankrupt, we bought it, wrote nicely about it, sold it to ourself with a huge "loss" and filed it as charity.

-That`s how you fill in your tax return in Singapore.

Photo Wootang01