Little Donna Tries To Get Hold Off A Few Nukes So She Can Skip School

Kids these days. NASA didn`t really know what to do when they received an email from little Donna in Arkansas asking for a few nukes.

She wrote that she had seen the news and wanted to use the same bombs as Kim Jong Un to stay out of school. She figured out if she had a few, nobody would f@#k with her.

Instead of ignoring the kid or say "Hey Kido, this is NASA, we don`t deal with that kind of shit here, but we forwarder your request to Pentagon", they brought the email to NSA, Americas National Security Agency.

Who forwarded the email to CIA who brought it to FBI who sent it to El Dorado Police Station in Arkansas who deleted it by accident and had to call for backup to read the damn thing.  

The computer engineer who brought it back happened to be little Donna`s older stepbrother from one of his dad`s other marriages. He had a bit of a strained relationship with the girl, but he was sympathetic to her f@#k you attitude in the mail so he made it disappear and ordered her 3 nukes from North Korean Amazon instead.

Photo InfoShri