Boston Bomber Thought He Could Convert America

Blast from the past. The Boston moron bomber thought two bombs was all that was needed for scaring Americans into Islam. Not three or one, but two. One for each moron.

"Just two more, thats all there is needed. Americans is on their tipping point. We have to act now!" the older douchebag is said to use as his core argument in trying to build his army.

After years of not recruiting a single brain to his gang he downsized his goal to a militia. "If I can only get like, 40 people with me, we can have an impact" he once said at a party.

Three years later and still lonely he turned to his little brother, "Just two bombs, it`s all it takes to turn USA into USI - United States of Islam".

The younger brother, not smart enough to understand that his older sibling only needed him cause he was too afraid to do it alone, but dumb enough to believe he could change the world, joined his gang of  two and the rest is misery.

Photo zennie62

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