Rich People Run Out Of Tax Heavens

Shady business. But why seek out the best places under the sun when what they do can`t stand the light of day?

It`s an oxymoron pr definition. The North Pole is a far better place to hide, but who wants to go there when their loaded?

-In the end I guess it`s the running away. As in hey, I made it and then take off. Not to go somewhere, but to make it clear the others can`t come, says richer than Nielsen.

-Then, over a few years, you realize their never going to make it. It`s getting quite lonely and that drains on you, but your too proud to cash out.

-I can go back anytime. But that also mean I`ll look like a fool. I did all that for nothing? Just so I could return to the life I had before I got rich? You know, the whole illusion of tax heaven is not for me, it`s for those who never get there - so I can live with myself!

Photo kiryna