North Korea Threatens To Threat The World

Kim Kong. On discovering that nuclear weapons aren`t that threatening to countries who already have them, Kim Jong Un now realize he will be the first to die in a counter attach.

-I made a huge miscalculation. I thought South Korea and America would piss in their pants. And I didn`t see China make a public statement against me. That hurt. Next time I have to rethink this before I do anything, says Kim to Pyongyang Bullshit.

-There is about 5.000 missiles in the world that can reach us within 10 hours. So if I want to live another day I got to figure out this war shit. There`s no way I`ll survive that blast. And I need the 25 million slaves to maintain my standard of living. I don`t want to give this up just jet. I`m only 30 for crying out loud.

-I want some pizza, anybody want some pizza? Let`s order pizza. And bring 3 bottles of Korea Cola, this stuff makes me thirsty.

Photo unsauber