Filmmaker Dissapointed Nobody Wants To See His Feelbad Movie

Cut. The unknown director thinks it`s weird he`s still unknown considering how many movies he`s made. What he finds even harder to believe is that hardly anybody sees them.

-There must be something wrong with the audience. It worries me. This is the 6th time no one shows up and I think it`s fatal. The audience is seriously stupid.

-After the first movie I was like "Okay, you didn`t hear about it", but after the second... "Come on!" The joke wasn`t funny anymore. The I realised nobody had reviewed it, which I found peculiar since the pre screening where packed with movie critics.

-On the release of my fifth picture I paid people 10 bucks to show up. I had it backed into the production budget as special effects. It was the most expensive film from the studio that year. It cost so much there was nothing left to advertise it. Again, nobody knew.

-This time I shot a hardcore porn sequence, but it got cut to get the PG-13 ratings. It`s not just the audience, it`s the whole system. The studios, the production companies, the cinemas, their all idiots.

(Ps Takuaki Tsunemoto is a great guy, his latest movie A Pale Woman is in theatres now).

Photo ami_harikoshi

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