The French Still Think French Is The Biggest Language In The World

Marde. "What? they don`t speak it in Brasil?" is a common response when the French travel abroad.

Few nations still insist the world should throw away English as the international language and use their native tongue instead, but only the French still insists that theirs is numer one.

It takes a certain arrogance to have a world view like that. A French arrogance. The Germans could never pull that off. In fact, they`ve adapted English. Who would have thought that? Certainly not Hitler.

But what is worrying is not their lack of self-understanding, it`s the combination of too much self-esteem and nuclear technology. One day these snobs might bomb anything non French.

-The idea of nukes in France is alarming. We much prefer them to focus on bikes and champagne. The French must be forced into using nuke tech only for civilian purposes. They can use their nuclear power to produce cheese, wine and all sort of culinary goods as long as they eat it themselves, says Swedish nuclear weapon inspectors.

United Nations Security Council much agree that France pose a tremendous threat to our civilisation and something must be done before they get to drunk to deal with.

Photo rukmaldk

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