Every Skyscraper Will Collapse Eventually

Boom ticky boom boom. The trick is to move out before it falls. In most cases you get a warning from the demolition company, but sometimes, the building fall on it`s own.

-When the average income of residents in below $2 I would move out. Anything below that is risky, says Rupa from Bangladesh.

-Zero income buildings can last for decades, but thats because the owner makes money on loosing money. It`s an old tax deduction trick when you own lots of high-rises.

But it`s a death trap and you can see that. Thats why nobody enters them. They look like horror houses. But the $2 income buildings are hard to tell.

-I never walk into a high rise in poor areas without parachute. And I don`t date $2 guys. I could speak to them from a distance, if they lived in houses, but they never do.

-From a security aspect I could skype $0 land guys, but then there is street infections, urgh... so no. I`d go out with a guy in a car. Even if it`s street level, the speed separates us from the trash. And helicopter... ahh...

Photo hanspoldoja