Thousands of TV Stations Goes Under When Viewers Discover Online Tv

Black box. And millions will loose their jobs when the masses learn that these device always offers something watchable cause you are the program director, you are the CEO of your own Network.

Adam, 18, living in Los Angeles, proud owner a massive flat screen says -I don`t care. I know I`m suppose to cause my uncle work in the industry, but I don`t.

Chizu, 16 who lives in Tokyo and prefer iPhone, but takes it for granted, says -私は日本に住んでいます。ここでテレビがジャッカスのようなものです。私はこれらの人々が失業オフィスで並ん見て楽しみにしています。私はで歩くし、それらの卵をスローします。

Oh, wrong language.

-I live in Japan. Tv here is like Jackass. I look forward to see the broadcasters lining up at the unemployment office. I will walk by and throw eggs on them.

Industry expert Kopano in Johannesburg tells WMA that most of the people who get sacked from network station will be re-hired by the new internet driven tv. -The web content will eventually end up as bad as television today. Do you think online stations will gain from hiring former terrestrial network employees?

-In South Africa people turn off their tv with guns now cause they know it`s no point turning it on again.

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