The Makers Of Angry Birds Come With The New Game Angry Employees

-I`m gona f*#k you up!
jailbird. -Basically it`s about beating up your boss... yes, thats all there is to it. I forgot there for a second. I`m too used to the violence, says Sarah.

-Gamers thinks we milk the bird concept, but thats not where the idea came from. This is how we treat employees in Finland. We try things out on them. If it works, we leave it in. Few people live in prisons here.

-Most criminals, or what you would consider a highly dangerous person elsewhere, is probably a boss in Helsinki. Think about it, only an extreme violent culture could come up with Angry Birds and market it to kids. I mean, it`s about killing birds.

-I was there when Brutus, our happy management guy, pitched the idea. He was worried about the loud laughter coming from the development department so he stormed inn and yelled "Let`s kill birds" and they all, scared of being caught laughing, responded "That`s a great idea!".

Photo Lara604