The First Black Man In Europe

The horse man
Cocksucker. -He didn`t make babies, he made cities, tells Professor in Secret History at The University of Edinburgh Kate Deep. -He founded the Roman Empire with his dick and you can see his traces in todays Italians, French, Greeks and Spaniards. They carry on his blackness in their skin and hair.

-Apparently he could fertilize women on 50 meters distance. There is no photos to prove this, plenty of paintings, but no photos. However, if you take the number of children he left and divide it with the number of years he lived you soon realize he had a machine gun in his pants.

-But that didn`t stop him from firing blanks in the dark. History has it he glazed the moon. Thanks to him we know it as white.

-Which brings up an important question. Who was first? Was it the spacemen from Nasa or the seamen from Africa?

-He made his living working as a pole. Both for flags and dancers. He still holds the world record in pole vaulting. The Roman army got the idea for the catapult from watching him practice. It`s also where the idea of the rifle came from.

-Lots of inventions came from watching this man, Kama Sutra, rope, steel... when the French finally got hold of something that lasts, off course they had to make the Eiffel Tower.

... ropes, nunchakus, bridges, trains, airplanes, cranes, deep sea drilling... The guy initially kickstarted western civilisation. He could shag in orbit. By comparison Africa`s birthrate dropped by 8 millions the week he left. It`s true what they say, one penis can really make a difference.

-Which is why we keep it a secret. Imagine what it would do to white Europeans self image if they got to know their culture is the heritage of a black penis?

Photo NateBW