2 Out Of 3 Gay Men Prefer Homogenizated Milk

Erotic milk. -I had to come up with something to boost sales. Who cares really what gay men prefer? I don`t think their appetite for men affect their taste in drinks... or does it? says advertising agent George Flop.

-It`s one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time. Nobody knows. Until now, I had no idea anybody wanted to know. Maybe I came across a huge unmilked market. That I can suck dry.

-I`m starting to get a hang of this business. I started Friday. I have no idea what I`m doing. When I realised nobody else does either I realised I was on the right track.

-I went to the wrong interview by default. I had no idea I was talking to an advertising agency. So I bullshitted my way through it and by the end I had the job. My ability to talk crap must have impressed them. That or my huge dick.

-I always wear three pair socks in my underpants when I hunt for jobs. When I sit down and my tight pants force up my bulge, female interviewers give me the job there and then 80% of the time. 1 out of 10 males do it too, so it gives me a success rate of nearly 50%, which is pretty darn good. Considering I don`t know shit.

Photo sffoghorn