Men In Black Elevator Missing

Stairways to ignorance. Sony Pictures is looking everywhere for the MiB3 elevator that was reported missing 2 days ago.

-I think somebody stole it. Probably at night. Maybe they needed it at home. There is lots of people out there who still don`t have elevator care says conspiracy theorists Krazy.

-It could be a promotional stunt. The movie features time travel, but I don`t understand how that will affect sales now. It`s already on dvd, says Jeff, marketing guy at Disney who is sick of envy.

-I wish I had that franchise. I wish I had every successful movie coming out of my ass. There is so way I could think of them so why not shit them out. I could squeeze out a hit movie every 3 hours.

Johanna at Columbia say they already tried it and that she no longer wish to explain how it went. -It`s one of those ideas that got us carried away. Suddenly we though we had a way to avoid the talent.

-You have to see it from our perspective. The amount of shit we have to put up with from these creatives made the idea attractive to us. We could make box office history with half the crap.

Joel, Johanna`s desktop bitch, miss the feeling he had before he went to the "talent toilet" the first time. -I thought I was going to win an oscar. It was afterwards, when I looked at it, that I realised it was a peace of shit. Sometimes the mind play funny tricks on you.

-Like, when I was in Bangkok and meet the love of my wallet. Or when I went to Greece to run for Crime minister. What was I up too?

Just before this article went to air the elevator was found where it was missing. It turns out it was there the whole time. Nobody noticed it thanks to their smartphones.

Photo jodyfrost