Luke Skywalker Was Originally A Movie About A Roofer, Then George Lucas Had One Of His Creative Outburst

Clown Wars. -The roofer idea disappeared in the big picture. Not that I didn`t have space for it in the Star Wars universe, it was too down to earth, says George Lucas in a revealing interview with Vanity Share.

His friend tell he had the same kind of outburst when he bought his first car. He wanted to make it into a death star slash popcorn machine.

-He worked day and night for 2 months to find a way to transfer movie magic to real life before he crashed the whole car. It`s not his style to quit. He destroys stuff.

-Like the time he asked his neighbours to go on vacation cause he wanted to test a new landmine. Landmine? Yes, he wanted to detonate it in their living room and drive through it with a tank to see if it hold. They moved out and he bought the house for half of what he offered the week before.

-Or when his assistant on Star Wars IV told him he could`t call the character, now known as Darth Vader, for Alfred. He went into this crazy creative frenzy and came back with the name Black Vader, king of the computer jungle.

-He has his moments, thats for sure.

Photo  Wikipedia Star Wars