Nature Spent 200 Million Years Developing Humans And Need More Time

Destiny`s child. -We have made a lot of progress since the early days. They where stalky and didn`t function well. A lot of upgrades came over time, but the real quantum leap was 50 million years ago when humans went mobile, says the spokesperson for mother nature.

-The homo sapiens edition could move and communicate to the world around them. It was a huge boost. Later upgrades introduced language and culture to refine and improve the maneuvering skills.

-As with cell phones, lots of different cultural systems emerged around the planet and they could not communicate with each other. This was a huge problem for 50 million years and still is.

-We desperately look forward to introduce the latest global communication program that will help humans understand and interact better. But we need another 100 million years to test the brainware.

-We don`t want to launch faulty humanware on a grand scale. Imagine the damage. We try a selected few every now and then. Steve Jobs... he functioned too well so we had to take him back before he changed too much. The cloud thing is pushing it a little. Einstein was a champion of ours and Marie Curie. Most women are. The men are so few and far between we tend to celebrate everyone of them. Poor men.

Illustration Leonardo da Vinci

Most Humans Still Alive Half Way Through Trumps Presidency

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