Dreamliners Grounded Before They Fall Down

Inspection team entering the jet to see
what`s wrong with the son of a bitch.
Crashlander. -We like to be ahead, says US Federal Aviation Administration`s safety commander Bill Rough. -The plane will always come down. They rarely disappear in the sky. We have jet to see one get lost in space. Even the moon shuttles find their way home.

-We know it`s a battery flaw, but we got to show some power every now and then. I still think a drunken ashole onboard can cause more harm than a lithium battery, but there`s nothing we can do about that. It`s out of our jurisdiction.

-It`s the battery producer who should get their asses kicked, not the assembly company. They only put the peaces together. But that wouldn`t get headlines. The public have to feel we care. It`s better that we take down Boing and let them handle it. Then we can walk away with the glory instead of doing all the hard work.

Photo Kentaro Iemoto@Tokyo

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