-I Prefer Land Rover Instead Of My Wheelchair Anytime

Size Matters. -It makes me feel like I have a dick. A big one. A big juicy junglebeast. Muahaha. Which is why I never open the door. I could never deliver. That`s why I take it out on the engine instead. Vroooooom.

-Did you know Formula 1 and Nascar driver are wheelchair users at heart? They prefer wheels.

-There is something about driving over everything that appeals more to us. We don`t have to stay. We just leave all the time. We`re constantly leaving. For some, like us, it`s all about leaving afterwards. Why bother with the blah blah blah when we can leave right away?

-Runners have the same thing, but not as much cause they give up. I fill up.

-Next year I`ll swop my jeep for a Moon Rover and explore not walking in space. What better place to be for a man who can`t walk. Earth is the only place in the universe where walking is useful. Nearly everywhere else it`s useless.

-Who needs to walk on the milky way? The milkman?  Who needs to walk in the black hole? Negros? What good will walking do on the sun? Prevent you from melting?

-No, space travel is all about patience and I got patience written all over my body. I was born a spaceman. I`m an astronaut on earth.

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