Rent A Muslim, A New Initiative To Calm Down Europeans

Do you want bombs with that? -You can hire Islamo for an hour or half a day or up to a week if you really want to find out what Islam is all about. They`ll tell you anything, show you everything and even make you laugh to calm your nerves. For 50 Euro a day, it`s cheaper than cars. And you don`t need insurance. Save you half the money right there, screams customer service.

-The people who worry about insurance is the onces who end up never renting. Their too set in their world view. Not open to anything new as explosions... hah hah hah, thats one of our jokes. I`m testing you. BANG!!!! He he. KABOOM!!! Boy this is fun. I should be a comedian.

-We take cash only, no I`m kidding, we take your daughter. HA HA HA! Off course we leave her, she could be a witness, we take appliances only. HA HA HA.

Photo Moyan_Brenn