Celebrity Went On Tour To Promote Her Book And Told The Entire Story

-Leave no surprises. They might go unnoticed by chance. Remember, you
have to read a book twice to get it. Nobody will read this twice. I`m not
 Shakespeare, I`m a tv star. So get on with it and do the first for them.
Ghost audience. The expected pageturner become a pagestopper before readers has finished the book.

-Sales opened huge. We hit the New York Times Bestseller list after only two hours and by the time we did Nebraska sales dropped with 200%. Which is impossible, says known celebrity.

-When I fail, I prefer to fail big, so my publisher adjusted the number to help sales with some headlines, but people had already heard the tale. Sales went down another 100% which is also impossibly. I take it as a statement. They got it now.

-I think people started to get it when I came to Chicago. Only 2 people came to hear me. Out of 11 million. The message got through. It`s a proof social media works, cause none of the established media was interested, yet through facey, tveeter and youtoo, they got it. If not they would have been there. All 11 million.

Photo Robert Scoble

Most Humans Still Alive Half Way Through Trumps Presidency

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