World Class Countries Reinvents Poverty

A long way down. Poverty used to be something that really sucked until it sort of turned fashionable.

-It became hip to run out of money somewhere around when credit cards emerged, says Amanda.

-Before, too much alcohol was the ticket to a lousy life. It was easy. That`s not enough these days, there is so much more to it. It really takes an effort to screw up.

-I`ve spent 6 years trying to f#@k it up. Looking back I ask myself, how have I managed to go through all that?

-I traveled the world for 2 years to run out of cash and when I came back, it took me another 4 good years to loose my apartment and everything that came with it.

-It was too many safety nets. Every time I failed somebody picked me up. It takes forever to hit ground zero and since I aim for the basement... you do the math. I don`t see an end to this...

Photo ewedistrict