Oligarch Park Wherever He Wants Cause He Is So F#@king Important

-Some don`t understand I`m the king. Like the local police in Monaco.
They didn`t believe me until I paid a huge sum of cash to prove that I have
a huge sum of cash. 
V.I.P. BI.T.C.H. -I feel that it is important for them to know the King has arrived. Pedestrians like to know whos parking infront of other cars. They feel comfort in knowing it`s me. And I deliver that to them cause I`m a giver.

-I got 15 thousand people holding up parking spaces for me around the world in case I need to make an entrance. The Streets of LA, NY, Rio, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, London, Cape Town... are not crowded 24/7. I might turn up when there is free parking and I can`t have that, says Oli, short for Oil of Oluck.

-In case of an emergency I got a helicopter ready do bungee drop me off. And a stunt man to do me, while I take public transport. That is every Oligarchs nightmare... be seen in public transport. If that happens you jump infront of a train, buss, airplane to reclame your honor. "He died for his reputation", it`s the highest honor a russian can get. He fucked everybody, included himself.

Photo CarSpotter

Most Humans Still Alive Half Way Through Trumps Presidency

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