Israel Built 8 Millon Apartments On The West Bank

??? ??? -How did that happen? asks Aqsa from Palestine. -I don`t know, says people around her. Word is 4 million apartments is for Palestinians and 4 for Israelis.

-We got a little help from the Chinese. Their good at building ghost towns, says the West Bank Minister of Israel.

-We smuggled in two hundred thousand workers from the old mighty and built in behind the dust from the building process.

-What are we going to fight for now? asks Aqsa. Who am I if I can`t throw bricks at Israel no more? A pussy? Maybe I should use it for something else.

The reaction back in Israel is 50/50. Half the country want to move in and half wants to bomb it. Why? Cause it`s there. -It`s my god given right to bomb anything I like. When I go on vacation in Europe and see something I don`t like, I blow up a bomb. It`s basic freedom of expression. Whats the big deal? It`s how I talk, says Amir.

-Nobody suspects an Israeli suicide bomber, except I am a survivor bomber.

Who the hell knew.

Photo No Lands Too Foreign